Damask Rose Extra Radiance Facial Toner

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Damask Rose Extra Radiance Facial Toner Skin Care (Healthy Beauty) 护肤美容品
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AC Solutions Clear Skin System Creates skin that is visibly clearer, calmer, and less oily Freshen the complexion without stripping skin

*Dermatologically tested

A bright and beautiful plan is eternally born from the sun’s energy Gilla 8 which derives from Nordic language, the word 'Beyond the limit' signifies 'The process of seed germination Growing shoot Bloom' that is figuratively speaking, the cyclic process of BEAUTY and A Revival of the Succession

  • 300 ml 10 14 Oz
Which skin type is it good for?
  • Luminous skin
  • Alcohol Free
  • Shrinks Pores
  • Balanced pH levels
  • Skin smooth
* The extra gentle formula has an unmatched amount of rose power It hydrates and clears skin of leftover impurities

Attention point
  • This toner is made through hygiene treatment process
  • Carefree use, we ask that you use it after the leaves settled
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